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  • Hoo Haa Cup Large


    Free shipping New Zealand wide, however due to the high costs of rural delivery, please choose this at checkout if you wish for us to deliver rurally. We believe in eliminating unnecessary waste wherever possible. So when you receive your cup it will be in a lovely linen bag, which you can use for on-going storage.

    The Hoo Haa Cup will revolutionize your period. These cups are environmentally friendly and will save you money. Hoo Haa Cups are FDA and CE approved and made of 100% medical grade silicone.

    Size Small
    Length (without stem) - 5cm
    Stem length - 2cm
    Max volume to rim - 18ml

    Size Large
    Length (without stem) - 5.5cm
    Stem length - 2cm
    Max volume to rim - 28ml

    100% medical grade silicone
    Measuring lines - 5ml, 10ml and 15ml lines
    Suction holes to create a vacuum like seal
    Ribbed lines at base of cup for better grip for removal
    Bright, rainbow coloured cup
    FDA approval
    CE certification (complies with EU standards)
    ISO approved
    SGS certification

    • Return Policy

      Unfortunately, no returns accepted due to hygiene reasons.

    • Sizing

      Keeping it simple


      There are two sizes to choose from when purchasing your Hoo Haa Cup. Size small and large.

      Size small is recommended for women who haven't had children or are under the age of around 30 years old.

      Size large is recommended for women who have given birth or are over the age of around 30 years old. 

      However, despite these recommendations it does not mean that you can't use a large if you haven't had children and vice versa. It often depends on your flow and your pelvic floor muscles as to whether you might prefer a large or small. You may prefer to use the large on heavier days and the small on lighter days. The stem can be trimmed to desired length to suit your body, just be very careful not to cut too close to the cup base that you cut through to the inside of the cup.