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  • A happy hoo haa: An 8 week pelvic floor strengthening programme

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    You don't know what you have until you lose it.


    Welcome to your eight week pelvic floor strengthening guide. Are you a women that wants to prevent weeing when you sneeze or cough? Or maybe you are experiencing this after having kids and know that pelvic floor strengthening is an actual 'thing' and with it you will be able to jump on your trampoline with your kids with confidence again. Let me talk you through, step by step my top pelvic floor and vaginal strengthening exercises. The tools provided will aid to prevent incontinence or start the rehabilitation process if you are currently experiencing incontinence. Let me walk you through the 8 week programme and enjoy your journey to a happy hoo haa! 


    *This is not a physical book, it is a digital ebook and is in PDF format and must be downloaded. The links to download the ebook will be emailed to you following payment, but will only last 30 days so please download to your device as soon as you receive them.


    Author Bio

    Kristina has a passion for active and healthy living, and as a practicing clinical exercise physiologist, she takes great pride in seeing her clients achieve results. In 2008, Kristina became an accredited exercise physiologist, working in private practice in Hobart, Tasmania before establishing her own exercise physiology business in 2011.  Kristina re-located to New Zealand in 2014, where she works as a high-performance and exercise rehabilitation consultant, which means working with clients from all walks of life, from elite athletes to clients requiring chronic disease management through exercise prescription. As a clinical exercise prescribes exercise as medicine and thrives on helping others achieve freedom from pain to then go on and engage in life to the fullest.


    Kristina currently works as the High Performance and Rehabilitation Consultant at the UniRec at the University of Waikato in Hamilton, New Zealand.


    This wee eBook, A Happy Hoo Haa, acts as a tool kit to arm against incontinence and to increase confidence in everyday life, across the lifespan. This programme was written as a resource for women and contains a variety of pelvic floor exercises for women. All anatomy and exercises are explained on a ‘need to know’ basis, aimed to build your knowledge but not bog you down in unnecessary instruction and information. This straight to the point, compact guide has been written to help you achieve confidence, pelvic floor control and complete freedom in your life.

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