A Happy Hoo Haa


Cambridge, New Zealand


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EBook Testimonials

"Let’s face it - there are topics that will likely never be trendy to discuss. Once upon a time it was considered vulgar to mention money, sex and politics; nowadays these are avid subjects for conversation and on social media. However despite the depths with which we are comfortable peering into celebrities private lives, there is still a certain reluctance and awkwardness when it comes to discussing the intricacies of the female body - namely anything revolving around incontinence (in its many guises). Hamilton author, and high performance and exercise rehabilitation consultant Kristina Driller tackles the topic in her well researched and written e-book A Happy Hoo Haa. As well as being packed with statistics and educational information and diagrams, the main focus is an easy-to-follow eight week pelvic floor strengthening programme. The side-effects of a weak or stressed hoo haa are many and varied, and whether you ‘laugh ‘til you pee’ or have more serious symptoms, here’s a straightforward guide to strengthening things downstairs. Depending on your comfort and strength level, there are variations of the exercises for beginner intermediate and advanced. No matter what your age, it’s never too soon or too late to give these muscles some attention.

Everything you need to know about strengthening your downstairs. This wee gem of a book is packed with useful exercises and information designed to help women of all ages improve their strength and control - and enjoy a happy active life, with a Happy Hoo Haa."

~Lisa Potter, Editor INSPO Fitness Journal

"I found A happy hoo haa to be very clear and encouraging. I thought Kristina explained a somewhat confusing concept - of which muscles to use - very well! I liked the layout of the book, the detailed instruction followed by a summary. Great photos throughout to show correct positions of the exercises! Thank you!"

~Kim, 55, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

"Such an easy read! I found A Happy Hoo Haa very informative on a subject I didn't know much about! I highly recommend this book to anyone looking to improve their knowledge of the pelvic floor and prevent issues in the future."

~Rachel, 29, Gold Coast, Australia

"This is awesome - so easy to read and understand!"

~Maria, 52, Hamilton, New Zealand

"What a wonderful read. This book has helped me to understand why this problem occurs and has given me the tools to remedy the problem. I would encourage all women to read A Happy Hoo Haa, absorb the information and regularly practice the methods contained within! After all, 1 in 3 of us women will suffer from this at some stage in our lives.

I think this book should be recommended to mothers after childbirth, and by incontinence nurses, urologists and physiotherapists at all hospitals as an affordable and easy to read resource on pelvic floor strengthening."

~Di, 66, Hamilton, New Zealand